Presenting Chanel’s Hula Hoop Bag for Spring 2013.  Wondering how to make full use of that wide space … perhaps a yoga mat.

Company: Chanel
Credits: Karl Lagerfeld

Date: 2012
Category: Fashion, Bag, Accessories

The casual guy’s take on black tie optional event.

Title: Dress For Dinner Napkins
Credits: The Spoon Sisters
Category: Graphics, Gifts

Playboy South Africa: Hair Through The Ages

The magazine brand has taken their More than a Centerfold campaign a step further in reaffirming its cultural impact - this time through the styling of men’s hair in recent decades.  Or much rather how females furnished the downstairs from full carpets, to stylish rugs and finally to bare wax.

So, which decade are you from? ;)

Company: Playboy, SA
Credits: Y&R, SA
Country: South Africa
Date: July 2012
Category: Commercial, Magazine & Publications

A Toyota Mini-Car for the Child Driver

Sitting at the back of the roomy family car as kids, dad behind the wheel, reminds us of those happy weekend excursions or trips to the mall our parents took us on. 

Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to enhance the family bonding experience by handing kids the driving keys to the new mini car, Camatte, earlier this June at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2012.  They hope to get young children excited about owning a car in the future. 

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Train Schedules in McDonald’s Hamburger Time

Your train leaves in 2 Big Macs time, that’s what making sense to commuters at Warsaw Central Station.  McDonald’s and agency DDB have launched a smart campaign integrating its menu into one of the train timetables.  It shows waiting time in hamburgers, cokes and fries you will manage to eat before your train leaves. 

Train got delayed?  No problem, you’re just in perfect timing to enjoy a cheeseburger and some fries!

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WITHDRAWN: Jail House Chic

Adidas has decided to shackle up its latest pair of trainers designed by Jeremy Scott.  These orange cuffed hi-tops have been accused of offensively “promoting slavery”.  An overreaction?  Or just takes the right person to work this outrageous fashion…

Company: Adidas
Credits: Jeremy Scott

Date: 2012
Category: Fashion, Footwear, Sport

Getty Images: From Love to Bingo in 862 Images

This cool and positive short stop motion film really is the chicken soup for after a long day of work.  15 images per second, just fast enough to transform a series of images into a video that, without any text, tells a beautiful visual life tale.

Company: Getty Images
Credits: AlmapBBDO
Country: Brazil
Date: May 2012
Category: TV

Lego Star Wars: Builders of Sound

In conjunction with the premiere for Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D, a huge street organ entirely made out of 20,000 LEGO Star Wars pieces has been launched.  It has captured the hearts of many fans as they turn its barrel and chime along with the exciting main theme tune.

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Playboy - More Than Just A Centerfold

Playboy, South Africa rolls out with a new saucy print campaign aimed to pluck out general misconceptions that its magazine brand exists only to expose naked women to its readers. 

With the strategically placed taglines “deforestation”, “silicon valley” and “crack addict”, we are sure male-readers are interested in exactly just that …. and that.  Welcome to the “happy man space”.

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…a well-“enhanced” card

"Via the use of two rubber inserts, this business card shows the effect Dr. Kiprov’s cosmetic surgery can have"

Credits: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann
Country: Vienna
Date: 2012
Category: Business Card

Auditing at the Bureau of Fun with Trident!

Whoever said auditing and taxation were exclusive have clearly not met the Bureau of Fun!  Trident Gum’s latest interactive digital campaign connects Facebook to analyse how much fun we’re having using their Fun Audit tool.  It is personal, creative and hilariously flavorful!

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Ray-Ban travels through 75 years with “Legends” Campaign

Year 2012 marks the 75th Anniversary of Ray-Ban Eyewear Company and what is more fitting than an ad campaign which showcases each and every of their iconic models  through time.  From Aviators to John Lennons, Ray-Ban has definitely proved its trend-setting rebellious influence on popular culture.

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Heineken U-Code: a modernisation of the shag tag

Heineken proved earlier this year with their Open Your World marketing campaign that their personalised U-Codes make as cool ice-breakers for the festive scene.  Party go-ers can include fun and unique messages on their special QR code stickers and be prepared to be scanned… by potential new friends.

Striking up a conversation with a new person couldn’t be any easier!

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daft punk is a good look for you, hello kitty

Digital Chaotics “Mad Scientist” Music Visualization

Digital Chaotics Harmonymusic animation software program extends the listening experience to visual.  It is really “music for the eyes”.

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